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I bought my first house 3 years ago. The unfinished basement had cracks down the walls, some stepping down the bricks, others horizontal. The home inspector (used realtor's inspector) at the time said it wasn't a big deal and was common (home was built in the 60s).

My wife had someone come take a look at it today. He wants to brace the walls, remove drywall in the finished basement and brace all that, build in a drain system for the wall, and then dig the front of the home out to brace the corners externally on steel posts.

I believe the realtor's inspector and the basement repair guy both have significant conflicts of interest on what is actually right for my basement. Pretty sure the inspector breezed over stuff for an easy paycheck. And I'm not convinced I need to repair my entire basement. But I don't know enough about this to determine which way to go. So asking the good people on the internet who have no vested interest in my basement's well-being seems like the best route to go here.


horizontal crack stepping vertical and horizontal offset at bottom of wall