QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to address frost/condensation on underside of roof decking in attic
Handyman Staff asked 4 months ago

located in the midwest with cold winters… Decade old asphalt shingles on ~23 year old house. Recently noticed two minor water spots on the drywalled ceiling and when going into the attic noticed there's frost/condensation on the underside of the roof decking during the very cold weather recently.

Trying to think best how to address this… From research, was looking to ensure the ceiling is properly air sealed and seal any/all gaps. If going to be up there already, considering replacing the fiberglass insulation with stone wool insulation as well for better R value and better deal with any moisture.

Or is there any better solution? Was thinking whether adding foam baffles up there would help to at least divert any dripping condensation to the soffit?

Thanks for any advice!

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