QuestionsCategory: QuestionsI’m replacing a bathroom faucet drain, but the p-trap has no nuts + trap arm is leaking
Handyman Staff asked 3 weeks ago

I'm replacing a few bathroom faucets, and when I went to replace the drain with the provided drain assembly, I realized that the p-trap was missing nuts to remove the j-bend from the p-trap assembly. It looks as if all the components have either been glued together or attached with plumber's tape. In addition, one of the joints in the trap arm that connects to the wall tube is leaking, so I need to fix that as well.

How would I go about fixing these issues? My understanding is that faucet p-traps typically use slip joints and are not usually glued like this. Do I cut everything off past the last coupler attached to tube coming out of the wall and replace it with a p-trap kit? I have attached photos. I'm not that familiar with plumbing vocabulary, so I've labeled the parts with letters in case that's helpful for you. Are there any good Youtube videos or resources to look at for me to do this?

Don't mind the other the buckets. I installed new compression valves and need to tighten them a bit.

Thank you very much in advance!

full drain drip another view of full drain