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Handyman Staff asked 2 weeks ago

I heard a big bang when I opened my irrigation valves. I saw a lot of water standing in the valve box so I started digging and this is what I found.

The T that connects the pipes that go to two different zones was busted.

I haven't done PVC piping before but I'm confident that I should be able to fix this. First picture shows where I think I need to make cuts.

questions I have:

  • Should I use schedule 80 PVC?

  • if the rest of the PVC pipes are not sch. 80 (which I believe they are not given the existing pipes are white and not gray), does it matter if I use sch. 80 for my repairs? is it even possible?

is it recommended that I replace more of the pipes or can I get away with only fixing the area that I'm going to cut?

wide view of the issue close up of the issue