QuestionsCategory: QuestionsNo water from faucet after changing filters on Reverse Osmosis Filter
Handyman Staff asked 1 month ago

We were having low pressure from the filtered water spigot in out kitchen, which is fed by a Hague 3500 RO system in the basement. It is a rental, and I had never dealt with a system like this before. I found some pretty good youtube videos ( explaining how to change the filter. So I bought some off Amazon ( and replaced all 3 filters (but not the R/O membrane).

I pre-rinsed the pre-filter and the prolonged contact filter as instructed, and both allowed water through quite well and everything went as expected. But when when it was time to pre-rinse the carbon post-filter, the video indicated that I should install it and just turn on the tank pressure and let it rinse through the system (and expect to get some ugly bubbly water out of the faucet for a bit). I did that, and there was a little bit of bubbly water that came out (though it wasn't black), but then that tapered off and now I get nothing out. I've left the tank and the input feed valves open, but I get no water. I'm curious what might cause this.

My tank seems to have approx 10psi (and the video said that 7 is normal), so unless my car tire pressure gauge is way off, that isn't the problem.

I've seen a couple other questions similar to this but none seemed to have an answer (though one person said that they replaced their ASV and then after 2 days, it started working again).

Everything was working fine before this, except for the slightly low pressure, which started about a week ago.

UPDATE 1: After about an hour, a dribble of water is now coming out.

UPDATE 2: The following morning, there seemed to be good pressure. I drained the tank (to follow the original instructions of using a tank's worth of water to pre-rinse the final new filter), and will check again in a few hours to see if it has refilled.

This is our setup (like I said, in the basement, and feeding a separate small faucet in the kitchen):

Wall mounted RO system

RO pressure tank on the ground