QuestionsCategory: QuestionsPortable AC unit takes a long time before it finally starts blowing air
Handyman Staff asked 3 weeks ago

I have a portable AC unit in my room which has the issue of not starting or taking very long to start blowing air, let alone cold air. Once it finally starts blowing air however, it works fine and you don't notice anything off with the AC. It's just that it doesn't start blowing (cold) air as soon as you turn it on, like it should.

After a bit of searching online I'm thinking it might be the capacitor that isn't able to provide the initial power jolt to start the unit. If I turn on the AC and I'm lucky, after 5-10 minutes it finally suddenly starts blowing air. Once it's blowing, it will continue blowing just fine without issues until I turn it off again.

Is this a possible bad capicator that I could replace? Any other suggestions as to what component might be causing this issue?