QuestionsCategory: QuestionsRattling “knocking” water pipe on single faucet
Handyman Staff asked 1 month ago

Since yesterday 1 of the faucets in our dual sink bathroom vanity creates "knocking" and rattling when turned on. Slowly turning it on will eventually cause it to knock once it hits a certain flow level.

Im not seeing any leaks at the vanity level and the flow leak detector/meter isnt triggering any potential house leak. Although a VERY small infrequent drip could go undetected.

The thing that is interesting is that its only the one faucet, which seems would rule out traditional water hammer. Read online that this could be caused by a blockage? Wonder others thoughts on this. Thank you

Plumbing is circa 2019. No issues till now.

Grohe Concetto faucet

Grohe Concetto