QuestionsCategory: QuestionsSuction pipe freezing when blower is on low speed, and runs fine when blower turned to high speed!
Handyman Staff asked 2 months ago

I have 12000BTU unit running on R22, and I'm facing a strange issue with my split AC.

When I run it with the indoor blower on low speed, the outdoor starts freezing on the suction pipe. But as soon as I turn the indoor blower on high speed the freezing goes away immediately .

I cleaned everything, indoor and outdoor. As far as I can see there is no airflow restrictions on the unit.

I measure the current of the compressor, and it runs on 5.2A. On the outdoor unit the plate says running current is 6A. Not sure if that's fine.

Also, I measured the suction pressure and it's around 60psi.

Any help on troubleshooting the problem, please.