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I'm a fairly new homeowner of an older house who's learning to be handy and last month we had a leak in our roof. We knew coming into the home that we were going to have to replace the roof, so this really kicked that into motion. We already found a company to do everything, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. Anything I should try and do/ensure while the roof is off? I'm really trying to take advantage of this since it's probably a once-in-a-home opportunity. Here's some of the things I'm doing and have considered:

    • Proper attic venting as ours is horrible right now (doing ridge vent + edge vent due to hip roof)
    • Moving bathroom exhaust fans closer to bathrooms to reduce hose length
    • Replacing skylight
    • Adding two solar tubes
    • Air sealing the drywall/penetrations along the top plate
    • Air sealing and adding insulation in some difficult/awkward to reach areas
    • Looked into adding overhangs + soffit vents (for better protection + air flow), but was cost prohibitive
  2. Originally, the house didn't have a porch in the front. Previous owners added a porch, and to cover it they just built a new roof segment above of the existing roof but extending over the porch. A picture: enter image description here The leak we got highlighted a visibility issue – it was actually a double roof leak:

    • It leaked through our exterior roof somewhere (we don't know where yet for sure)
    • It also leaked through the interior roof, eventually hitting the drywall ceiling.

My current plan is to ask the roofer to remove the boards/shingles of the interior roof to open things up so we have visbility. Does this seem like a good idea or will this lead to structural problems?