QuestionsCategory: QuestionsTrouble removing tub spout
Handyman Staff asked 4 weeks ago

I am trying to replace some of my shower hardware with a new kit I brought at the re-store. Unfortunately, running into real trouble trying to take the old spout off. It looks like (pardon the bad picture; edit: added some better? [I hope] pictures) it should be a slip-on spout, though a set-screw is absent. I've also tried every imperial/metric hex key I have in there, just in case this is some whacky fastener, to no avail). However, like some other posts on here that I've read, the spout doesn't seem to want to be screwed off either, and I'm apprehensive about the prospect of damaging plumbing further into the wall.

I guess my questions are: does anyone have an intuition of what kind of spout im dealing with (it's made by jacuzzi if that's informative), and/or have suggestions for how to get it off safely?

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