QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is the best silicone sealer for a mobile home roof and best installation techniques?
Handyman Staff asked 2 months ago

Need some help here. We need to seal our single wide mobile home roof. I've read that silicone is best. From there I've seen multiple instalation recommendations from just clean the roof make sure its dry, make any repairs with fabric and silicone, then slap it on….. to clean and dry roof, thin coat, fabric, thin coat (all while wet) let dry then thick top coat.

So does anyone have any advice?

  1. What silicone is best?

  2. Is the thin coat/fabric/thin coat/top coat necessary? If not is it worth it to do?

  3. What fabric needs to be used for repairs (if any) first? If not fabric, what is best to do repairs (cracks pin holes ect)?

  4. Absolutely anything else you can think of that would guide/help us.