QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat is the order of operations for cleaning up the attic, insulating, adding and attic fan and re-roofing?
Handyman Staff asked 1 month ago

I want to do this in the most cost effective way and to minimize re-work.

Some geo context… we live in Southern California where it doesn’t rain much generally, but the recent rains have shown the weak points of our roof.

The reason for the question is that we need to re-roof our house. And that brought up ideas for doing other projects around the same time. We would also like to clean up the attic. There are tons of old wood pieces (large and small leftover from last time the roof was replaced), wood dust, etc that I would like to use a shop vac for. I would also like to insulate and add an attic fan.

What should the order of operations be to reduce re-work and potential cost?