QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy would multiple air conditioners fail?
Handyman Staff asked 3 weeks ago

I'm in an apartment with a wall mounted AC unit. Since I moved in months ago, I haven't had a working AC. I have had the AC unit replaced four times. Each replacement unit has had the exact same problem. When I turn on the AC, it will work for a few minutes, producing cool air, and then the fan and compressor will stop while the AC is still on (the LEDs are still on). After the initial turn off, the AC will intermittently make a noise like the compressor is trying to start or the fan is trying to start, but it won't start up again unless I leave it for hours

It seems exceedingly unlikely that I would have four faulty AC units in succession. What could be the cause of this?

If you could help me with this, you'd be my life saver… my maintenance people probably think I'm crazy or sabotaging the AC units.